Meet BroadwayHD’s Bonnie Comley at BroadwayCon 2023


Bonnie Comley, the founder of BroadwayHD and Drama League President, will be answering theater fans’ questions at BroadwayCon 2023. Comley will discuss live streaming, filming and viewing of Broadway shows online. Comley is the founder of BroadwayHD, an award winning streaming service offering hundreds of high quality filmed Broadway shows. Comley has been recognized for her achievements in theater as a producer of over twenty stage productions, and more than fifty film productions. She is listed in the Guinness World Records for the first live-stream of a Broadway show and her work as an innovator in the theater streaming industry has laid the groundwork for others to follow. Her efforts in making Broadway productions accessible to a global audience are expanding the fanbase for live theater. Her work at BroadwayHD compliments her position as President of The Drama League, a mentoring organization for early career stage directors.

BroadwayCon is a three-day convention where theater fans can meet and interact with their favorite Broadway stars, attend lectures and panels with industry experts, learn about the latest Broadway shows and much more. BroadwayCon allows fans and theatermakers to come together to celebrate theater, both live and digital. BroadwayCon is taking place Friday, July 21 through Sunday July 23 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square in the heart of New York City.

Bonnie Comley will be headlining the panel Livestream and Captures and ProShots, oh my!

Bonnie Comley
Bonnie Comley, photo credit: Rob Rich

And will be joined by 12-time Emmy Award winner, Don Roy King, Olivier winning and Tony nominated Alia Harvey Jones, and Palace Theater owner Stewart F. Lane. BroadwayCon is the opportunity for theater fans to ask their questions and voice their dreams for more digital access to Broadway. Questions and suggested topics can be sent through BroadwayHD’s social media platforms on Facebook

and Instagram.

BroadwayCon’s panel Livestreams and Captures and ProShots, oh my! with Bonnie Comley, Don Roy King, Stewart F. Lane and Alia Jones-Harvey is billed as follows: This panel asks “Why aren’t there more livestreams and digital captures of Broadway shows?”   Hamilton was not the first time cameras were brought into a theater to film a Broadway show. Broadway shows have been seen on television and in cinema for many years. PBS and the BBC have included captures in their arts and culture programming for nearly fifty years. HBO, Netflix, and Amazon all have grabbed coveted shows with recognizable tv and movie stars, and BroadwayHD has over 300 digital captures available for on-demand streaming – so why aren’t all the Broadway shows available online?  Since the release of Hamilton on Disney+, audiences are becoming very familiar with this hybrid art form of theater on screens and frequently request the shows they want to see on social media. The pandemic has brought a renewed appreciation for live stage shows and an understanding of the value of digital capture. Evidence is mounting of the additive value of livestreams and proshots in expanding the Broadway fanbase. This panel of experts in this art form will discuss the obstacles, advantages, and future of Broadway online and on screen.

BroadwayCon is taking place Friday, July 21 through Sunday July 23 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. For tickets and more information see:

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