4 children survive, 40 days after a plane crash in the Amazon

Colombian rescue teams managed to find 4 children alive and well who were missing 40 days ago after the crash of a light plane in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

4 children have been found alive after surviving a plane crash after spending several weeks in the Amazon jungle in Colombia.

According to the BBC report, the discovery of these 4 siblings, 13, 9, 4 and 1 years old, was so strange that the President of Colombia called it a public joy for the entire country.

The mother of these children and the two pilots of this plane died after their light plane crashed in the Amazon jungle on the first day of May (40 days ago).

The missing children were the focus of a massive rescue operation involving dozens of soldiers and local people.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro added: “Finding these children marked a miraculous day.” They were alone. They achieved a perfect example of survival that will go down in history. Today, these children are the children of peace and the children of Colombia.

The President of Colombia has published pictures showing the people of the rescue group taking care of these children after they were lost in the Amazon jungle for 40 days. One of the members of the group is giving water with a bottle to the youngest member of this family and another is feeding the other children with a spoon.

The video published by the Ministry of Defense of Colombia also shows that these children are being transferred in the dark to a helicopter that is feeding above the trees.

The children were taken to the hospital for initial medical examinations and have also spoken to their grandfather on the phone.

The Cessna 206 plane in which the children and their mother were traveling before the crash was flying from Araraquara in the Amazon state to San Jose del Guaire, which had issued an engine warning.

The bodies of these three adult victims of this accident were found by the army at the crash site, but it seems that the children were separated from the wreckage and went to the middle of the forest to find help and shelter.

A massive search began immediately and when rescuers found items left behind by the children, including a baby drink bottle, a pair of scissors, a hair tie and a makeshift shelter, they knew they were likely to survive. Footprints of children were also seen, which led the searchers to conclude that the children may have survived in this forest, which is home to predators, snakes and various wild animals.


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