England captain Ancelotti’s favorite option

The star of Tottenham is the favorite option of the head coach of Real.

“Ace” Madrid published the headline of today’s edition dedicated to Harry Kane, captain of England and Tottenham club, who is the favorite option of Carlo Ancelotti, the Italian head coach of Real Madrid, to strengthen his attack line.

Harry Kane has a contract with Tottenham until 2024. The English club is ready to sell its star and best scorer. Kane’s price for transferring to English clubs is 120 million euros, but for clubs outside England, he has a discount of 20 million, which is 100 million euros.

Marco Asensio left Real Madrid. Karim Benzema is also experiencing his last years in Real, that’s why Ancelotti considers the English scoring machine to be the best option to strengthen his attack line.

Harry Kane has been playing for Tottenham since 2009. The Three Lions striker has played 316 games and scored 211 goals for Tottenham in 14 years. Kane is considered the best scorer in the history of the English national team.


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