Ronaldo’s income is 5 times that of Messi

The Spanish “Marca” magazine presented a report and introduced the selected team of footballers in the world who receive the highest salaries.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar of Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia, was at the head of this world’s football star, and with an annual salary of 200 million euros, he is the most expensive player in the history of football.

The selected team of the highest paid footballers in the world according to their salary is as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Dehe A (Manchester United = 19 million euros)
  • Defenders: Ashraf Hakimi (Paris = 13 million), Varane (Manchester United = 17 million), Koulibaly (Chelsea = 15 million)
  • Midfielders: Messi (Paris = 40 million), De Bruyne (City = 23 million), Eden Hazard (Real = 25 million) and Iniesta (Coupe = 23 million)
  • Forwards: Ronaldo (Al-Nasr=200 million), Mbappe (Paris=70 million) and Neymar (Paris=44 million)


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