Tractor fans attack Pique’s Instagram

After Gerard Pique’s comments about Tractor Club, the fans of this club have reacted strongly.

It was yesterday that Gerard Pique found out in an internet program that he is the head coach of the Tractor team in Iran while he was asking about the status of the Spanish Paco Khams.

After Pique found out that Khums is the head coach of a team called Tractor, he was surprised at first and then laughed out loud at the name of this club. This issue has faced the reaction of tractor fans very quickly. They showed their interest in this club by storming Pique’s Instagram page by posting lots of pictures of tractors with hearts. Several people have reminded Pique of the history of this club. The most interesting is the comment that reminded him “Your name in Iran is the name of a car, then you laugh at the tractor!”





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