Parts of the rap music that we hear in Montony language have been identified

Characteristics of rap music

The word rap can be considered an abbreviation of the following phrases:

“Rhythmic American Poetry”

“Rhythmically Associated Poetry”

“Rhythmically Applied Poetry”

“Rhythm and Poetry”

Rap music is actually a spoken and spoken music that is accompanied by rhythm and song and has a fast beat. In addition to being an art and music, rap is a way of protesting the youth. At any time and place where the youth have a protest, they express it in the form of a piece of music and a series of sharp words. In fact, rap style mostly has social and protest themes and expresses problems such as poverty or unemployment.

Some of its rap singers are so skilled in singing rhythmic pieces that they can convey their feelings to the listener even without a song or instrument. Rap music is very flexible, because it has no requirements and framework to follow the rules. Rap first became popular in English, then German, French, and then Persian.

In America, the content and themes of rap music are divided into two categories:

Old School: This group of pieces has a protest nature and is called rap music before 2000.

New School New School: The second category, its protest nature has faded and is called rap music after 2000.

Types of rap sub-styles

Rap rock Rap rock

As the name suggests, it is a combination of rap and rock music. “Linkin Park” is one of the singers who uses this style in his works.

pop rap

This style of his poems has no special meaning and concept and is more melodic and dance-like.


In this style, obscene lyrics are used in the context of drug deals.

alert, aware

In this style, the reader’s own point of view on a subject is expressed.

East coast rap

This style was formed by the artists of the eastern United States of America and New York in the late 1979s. This style is a style with better meaning and content than other rap styles. Among the works in this style, we can mention Biggie and Ice Cube.

West Coast Rap

It was formed in the early 1980s and became popular in the United States of America and New York. Among the artists of this style, we can mention Tupac, Dr. Derry, and Eazy.

Gangsta rap

It was formed in the late 80s. This style has a sharp and ear-splitting sound with winning lyrics and has a violent story and lyrics.

Harcord Rap

In the beginning, this style was strong and exciting, but gradually it took on a humorous and happy mood.

Dirty Southern Rap

It was formed in the late 90s by groups such as Chornic and Tow Live Crew. They combined ugly and unpleasant traditions with modern hip-hop and expressed it with blasphemous words.
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