South Korea fined Google $32 million

South Korea’s antitrust regulator has fined Google owner Alphabet Inc. 42.1 billion won ($31.88 million) for preventing it from publishing mobile video games on a rival platform.

According to Reuters, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) said on Tuesday that Google is strengthening its grip on the online video game market, hurting the revenue and market value of local app company One Store as a platform as it asks video game makers to In exchange for providing services, publish their titles exclusively on Google Play and not One Store.

In response, Google announced that it will review the final decision of the South Korean regulator to evaluate the next process. A spokesperson for the company said: “Google makes significant investments in the success of programmers and developers, and we respectfully disagree with South Korea’s conclusions.

South Korea’s antitrust regulator Nir said the move against the US tech giant was part of the government’s efforts to ensure fair markets.

This regulator already fined Google about 90 million dollars in 2021 for blocking customized versions of Android.





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