Sajjad Mehrabi returns to the boxing team

Sajjad Mehrabi, a young Iranian boxer, was a member of the Iranian national team from 1383 to 1396. So far, he has participated in many competitions and it seemed that he was going to coach and prepare his students for professional boxing competitions, but in his last interview, he announced his return to his fans.

So far, he has won the championship medal in the 2009 Ukrainian tournament, the champion of the 2013 Slovak International Cup, the third place in the 2015 Uzbekistan tournament, etc.

Mehrabi said in the interview: “During this time, I worked on my strengths and weaknesses and carefully analyzed the film of my opponent’s fights and I know his strengths and weaknesses. I was supposed to fight with the third ranked amateur boxer in the world last year, but due to the spread of “Corona games have been canceled. I am ready for a heavy fight with continuous training since last year.”






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