The unveiling of Alibaba’s new artificial intelligence

Chinese tech giant Alibaba has unveiled an artificial intelligence competitor to ChatGPT called Tongyi Qianwen at an event. The tool supports both Chinese and English languages and will be implemented in DignTalk, the company’s business communication software, and Tmall Genie, the company’s smart speaker.

Today, Alibaba unveiled its Zaya artificial intelligence model. This product, named Tongyi Qianwen, is a large language model that can draft letters, compile travel plans, provide you with summary reports and emails, and much more.

his artificial intelligence will first be implemented in the business messaging app DingTalk to assist users in summarizing notes, writing emails and drafting business plans. This app is also going to be added to the Tmall Genie voice assistant and will come to other products of the company in the future.

Daniel Zheng, the CEO of Alibaba, says that this technology will make big changes in the way we produce, do things and live. He believes models like Tongyi Qianwen provide a bigger picture of how AI will become a more popular tool in the future.

The Chinese tech giant has promised to open access to Tongyi Qianwen from Friday this week so that the company’s customers can use the AI as soon as possible. In addition, it is possible to personalize this chatbot with specific customer information and data so that companies can access their large language model at the lowest cost.

“Jingren Zhu”, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, says: “We hope to help the information transformation of businesses in all industries and ultimately increase their business productivity and expand their expertise and capabilities, and at the same time, with the help of innovations, more exciting opportunities in front of them. Let’s leave it.”

Users can expect more advanced features such as image understanding and text-to-image conversion to be added to Tongyi Qianwen in the future.


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