Apple and Sonos focus on 3D music

Currently, music streaming services are diverse and many advanced functions are offered to users.

The electronics market is currently full of speakers that can play 3D sound, and in the past few weeks, Apple and Sonos have launched new devices for playing music with 3D sound technology and the Dolby Atmos format, which are now It is offered by many music service providers.

Apple has revived the HomePod speaker, which was discontinued two years ago, and is now introducing its second generation, and Sonos is moving forward with the era of Dolby Atmos format by introducing a newly developed speaker called Era 300.

Sonos Era 300

The Era 300 headphones don’t sound like anything else, in the way that one is used to perceiving sound with stereo systems left, right and center, but the Sonos Era 300 plays Atmos music so those lines are blurred and the sense of three-dimensional sound from a The device resonates throughout the room with mono intensity and stereo surround sound.

This feature is achieved thanks to the unusual shape, which resembles an angular hourglass, where the speaker tapers towards the middle in a trapezoidal shape, and then opens up again towards the back. The rear includes two side-firing bass diaphragms, plus three speakers for high-frequency, stereo surround sound.

There are two speakers to the left and right, and one speaker to the top so that the sound reaches the ceiling and then bounces back. A fourth speaker for high frequencies is located in the front and directly towards the listener.

Dolby Atmos technology is particularly popular in movie theaters with wall-mounted speakers, and Dolby has been working with music companies for years to use the technology in songs as well.

However, these experts do not agree that such a setup is suitable for most consumers, as it may cause confusion in the sound balance, the dominance of the speakers over the decoration and interior design.

When two speakers with stereo surround sound technology are added to the user, it clearly improves the stereo surround sound effect, but with a subwoofer, this setup may cost a lot.

Through the new Era 300 speaker, Sonos seeks to provide the Atmos effect by relying on a single speaker, but incorporating many conventional speakers into the speaker body, so that the sound completely surrounds the listener, but the Sonos Era 300 speaker is a way to enjoy Taking a new type further opens up the music experience, as the two Era 300 speakers can be used with a soundbar as a stereo surround sound speaker to provide more detail even with movie soundtracks.

Apple HomePod

The second generation Apple HomePod speaker creates a stereo surround sound effect with a set of 5 speakers for high frequencies. Apple’s cylindrical speaker creates amazing bass in the room, with the American company allowing bass reduction deep into the Home app.

In order for Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers to do their job, the music must be compatible with stereo surround sound technology. Artists and music labels now go the extra mile with recent releases, and many older songs are now produced in 3D audio, but the quality of these songs varies greatly and can lead to different musical experiences.

With the Homepod headset, Apple is aiming to meet the needs of iPhone customers who are likely also customers of the Apple Music service, so the connected speaker can be used through Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

The Sonos headset allows the use of Atmos music through the company’s app, Apple Music service or Amazon Music Unlimited service and is controlled by the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.





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