Photography of the dream world

Most photographers wait to capture real moments in nature or city streets, but Erik Johansson waits to capture ideas. He steps into the realm of his imagination and photographs the most colorful dreams.

Erik Johansson is a 37-year-old Swedish photographer who lives in Prague. His photos are not supposed to show the real world, but they want to blur the border between reality and imagination as much as possible.

Sometimes his art is influenced by surrealist painters such as Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, and in his photos we see the same limitless imagination that can be seen in their paintings.

Each of Johanson’s works is actually a combination of several different photos that are put together using photo editing software and form the final effect. One of the important features of Johanson’s work is that, although the scenes in his works are completely imaginary and impossible, they look very real in terms of image quality, and therefore stimulate the audience’s imagination more.






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