New design of Spotify

Spotify has recently made major changes to its mobile app to make it easier for users to access visual content. This issue has caused its appearance to be similar to social networks such as Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube.

The changes on Spotify’s home page are clearly visible so that users can find their favorite audio and video content even more easily than before. For this reason, many visual elements and images are displayed while scrolling. The main purpose of this change has been to provide different content from the overall ecosystem of the said platform to the enthusiasts and probably can entertain them for more hours in the app.

In recent years, Spotify has invested heavily in podcasts, audio books and live streams, and wants to be more than just an online music archive. Of course, pushing users to other types of content, like all other platforms, has also resulted in criticism. But now it seems that the new design of the application with more dedicated space for things other than music can solve the problem to a large extent.

Of course, with the joy of such changes; Music will still be Spotify’s main priority, and users will be able to access albums and playlists at the top of the app’s homepage. Next, there is a possibility that a video podcast or images with descriptions are placed from a playlist, and it will be possible to scroll through them and access more items. Automatic video playback, along with the previous features, has made the app look a little similar to Tik Tok and Instagram.





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