John Travolta reveals what it’s like to be a Hollywood celebrity


He’s been one of Hollywood’s most bankable movie stars since the 1970s, having starred in acclaimed films like Saturday Night Fever, Hairspray and Grease. With a net worth over $170 million US, John Travolta has cemented himself as a high-quality actor and someone who is humble and down-to-earth. He has also developed a notorious reputation for being overly private and reclusive when it comes to his personal relationships and privacy.

In a brief holiday to Australia earlier this month, Travolta provided guests at Foxtel’s revealing of its new movie library with details of his lifestyle. Travolta is well-known for being a qualified pilot and having six aircrafts on his Florida property. He told guests that he thought being a movie actor was ‘just wonderful’, despite admitting that it had its flaws, especially when it comes to privacy.

The actor also discussed some of his most famous films, including one that holds a special place in his heart. Travolta, who is being honoured by the Australian cable company with his very own temporary, pop-up channel, said that Grease was a very special film to him. In his justification, Travolta said that the film had lasted for many years and had spawned a wave of cultural appreciation for singing and dancing. He also mentioned that the film allowed him to become friends with Olivia Newton-John, who has since remained one of Travolta’s closest friends.

Grease continues to generate revenue and the memorabilia from the film and musical production reaps some serious coin. Newton-John’s famous leather jacket and pants reportedly sold for over half a million Australian dollars over the recent weekend. When asked if he had kept any of clothing or props from the film production, Travolta responded: “No, I gave it all away.”





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