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Kilo House is a California-based trap artist with over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 12.4k followers on Soundcloud. Born with a disability that has forced him to use a wheelchair since childhood, this artist has never let self-pity stop him from achieving what he wanted to do in life. Now, he actively uplifts others with his hard-hitting original trap songs and remixes.

Kilo House answered some questions about his background and his music.

Can you tell us a bit about your background in deathcore and your time studying at ICON Collective?

Yes, I was the drummer in the deathcore band They Were Outlaws (T.W.O.) back in Tulsa, Oklahoma before moving out to California to join the world-renowned ICON Collective. My road to becoming a drummer wasn’t an easy one, though. Being born in a wheelchair and only having the use of my left arm posed many limitations in my life from a young age, but luckily, I had a strong group of family and friends around me always pushing me. Their support helped me form a healthier mind and a positive outlook on life.

One such friend was my best friend since the age of 6, Joel Nix. Joel has never seen me as limited or disabled, so when Joel started drumming, so did I. He said, “if Travis Barker can play the drums when his arm is broken, then you can play as well.” And that’s the start of my music career.

Although I did not have the use of my legs back then, through hard work and a love for music, I was able to strengthen my legs sufficiently to help with my drumming. Holding two sticks in one hand and finally, with the use of my legs, I became a respected metal drummer for the time.

When I joined ICON, I said to myself “Is this a cult? How can you gather people from around the world with such diverse backgrounds and have such a loving and caring atmosphere?” But we are not a cult. I believe it is the loving and genuinely caring vibes of the owners and staff, which make this possible. Icon Collective, yes, does give you the tools and knowledge to become an artist, but more importantly (I think), it helps you learn how to free your mind and stop writing music through your own filter but though the use of ‘The Art of Flow’!

What inspired you to go in the direction of producing trap music?

I feel like my transition to trap music was a natural one, really. I grew up listening to rap and hip-hop, amongst other genres. So, when I decided to become a “one-man band” it felt quite right. I also feel like my past as a drummer moulded me into a trap artist because it is a very rhythmically driven genre. Although I do not make the traditional mainstream trap music, I guess it just felt right once I freed my mind and just let the art flow out.

Kilo House - music artist

What DAW do you use to produce your beats, and are there any specific plugins you love to use?

I can use Ableton, FL Studio, Logic and Protools, but for my workflow Ableton suits me best. I don’t find that any is better than another, it’s just which one works best for the music you are working on. For instance, when I’m working with a hip-hop artist or a live band, I will choose Logic or Protools, but mostly when producing my own albums, I use Ableton. As for plugins, there isn’t one I prefer over another, it’s just whichever one will get the job done.

Of all the original tracks you’ve produced, which is your personal favourite?

I am proud of them all. My tracks are like my children. I create them, watch them grow, and then release them out into the world to spread light and positivity. So, to answer your question more bluntly, you can’t pick a favourite child? So “the children” are all my favourites.

Are there any other artists that you dream of collaborating with?

That is a great question. Where do I begin? I guess I will name a few. Travis Barker would be my number one dream collab because he has been a massive influence in not only my music but my life in general. If it weren’t for his perseverance as a drummer in his times of struggle, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Number two would be Ghostemane because I not only like his musical style but the way he looks at life. Anytime I’m down I just put on one of his tracks, and I feel like I’m not alone.

Number three would have to be $uicideBoy$ for sure because their style, sonically, has had the most significant impact on the music I write to date.

Kilo House - music artist

Do you perform any live DJ sets, or just stick to producing?

Actually, my passion is djing. I got into production with the dream of being a DJ someday, and of course, that dream came true. Obviously, most of us artists aren’t “playing out” right now because of COVID-19. However, you can catch some of my live sets streamed on Facebook live and even the occasional pop up on Omegle. Hopefully, after this pandemic is over you will be seeing many more live appearances by Kilo House.

Are there any other subgenres you’d like to try producing? Or any that interest you in general?

I have produced everything from House music to Hip-hop. I just love music. So, when it comes to genres, let’s all as artists write from in the heart. Just like we need to end racism and break down those walls, we need to do away with genres as well. I think people put too much emphasis on the genre they write rather than just letting the songs live for the song’s sake. I want to take this chance right now to say ALL lives matter and if you have a platform as I do, then use it to spread a positive message.

Are you working on any new music at the moment?

Yes, I have new single coming out on all platforms on the 29th entitled ‘The CHiLDREN’. It is already out on Soundcloud for the time being but has will its full release soon. Also, I am working on an EP with my good friend and fantastic hip-hop artist TAE HERO that will be released later this year. Last but not least, there ‘may be” A Tasty Treat in store for my fans around Halloween. Once again, I want to say thank you and Black Lives Matter.

Than you Kilo for sharing your thoughts with us!

You can listen to Kilo’s music on:

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