Felix Lucas Ghost Recounts the Rise of Winning Records


Winning Records is one of the most exciting record labels on the rise in the United Kingdom. Committed to delivering fantastic service and support to its artists, Winning Records is devoted to shining a light on the best rap talent in the country. Providing their artists with creative freedom and autonomy is crucial to the success of Winning Records, according to Felix Lucas Ghost, the founder of the new record label.

Fortunately for us, Felix was able to take some time away from his work to answer some questions we had about the industry and Winning Records in general.

Hi Felix, thanks for joining us. When did you establish Winning Records, and did you have any experience in the industry before this decision?

Yeah, sure. I have friends in the industry who are already thriving. Supporting them on their journey has provided me with the insight I need to support other artists. I have learnt that mastering each task and skill as it comes, leads to greater things. So, I am constantly striving for growth and personal development.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you have faced so far?

One of the challenges I faced was just getting started. You can have a vision but it is the mechanics and business side behind it that can be crucial to the success of a business. Especially in the music industry, there is a lot of competition out there already which could have prevented me from getting started. For me, challenges come day by day but I take them in my stride. I like to think that challenges are a great part of growth for myself and for Winning Records.

What type of artists and musical styles do you predominantly focus on?

Rap music! I listen to great artists such as Drake, Meek Mill, Styles P, Uncle Murda, Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Stormzy and much more. Being passionate about this style of music, helps me to choose the artists that I work with. My team enjoy working with rap and drill artists too, there is so much versatility in the art of this style of music.

Are there any plans to expand the musical range of your clients?

I am open to working with different artists. However, I like to work with artists who are extremely passionate about their craft. Working with passion, integrity and the ability to listen with the heart are traits that separate the great artists from the average.

In your opinion, what are the most vital things to successfully running a record label?

Where do I start? I would say the key to success as a record label is to master your craft. Know the industry, know the artists and their desires. At Winning Records, we work as a family and we are very honest with each other and with the artists that we work with. Continuous feedback on what is and isn’t working well is crucial to successfully running a record label. What helps Winning Records is that we have an amazing network in the industry already and continuing to build these relationships is very important to us and our success as a record label.

How would you describe the creative writing process?

Write something here about your experience with the creative writing process.

I strongly believe that every individual can imagine without knowledge. As a child, our curiosity leads us to discovering the unknown. One of the most exciting things about creative writing is the ability to create. The process of being creative is to observe in faith not by what the physical eyes can see.

How has the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affected your label? What measures have you put in place to adapt to social distancing requirements?

I wouldn’t say that Coronavirus has had a negative impact on Winning Records. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were planning a big push with a new artist. We had some doubt I guess, about whether it would be the right time to push hard and promote a new artist. But then I thought, what better way to get people through this pandemic than with music? It was the perfect time! People need music to get them through tough times.

Our business can operate really well remotely, so social distancing has not been an issue for us at the moment. Luckily, we set up a lot at the back end of last year – so during the pandemic we have been able to focus on business growth and other aspects of the business.

How do you think the music industry will change as a result of COVID-19?

I think we will see a lot of new talent coming out as people are making more time for music. COVID-19 has given everyone a chance to chase their dreams and I think a lot of people will persue their music careers as a result.

Thank you Felix for your time!
You can follow up with Felix Lucas Ghost at winningrecordsuk.com





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