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Yungblud’s Full Name

What is his full name?

Dominic Richard Harrison is a musician from South Yorkshire, England who goes by his stage name YUNGBLUD. The name itself is a play on the term Young Blood as.

Yungblud’s Age

What is his age?

Yungblud was born on the 5th of August 1997. His home town is Doncaster, Yorkshire which is located in South. When speaking to Americans and people who don’t really know England that well, Yungblud has been known to tell them that he is from Manchester.

Yungblud’s Family

Who is his family?

Yungblud’s parents are Samantha and Justin Harrison. He also has two younger sisters; Isabella and Jemima Harrison. His grandfather, Rick Harrison, was also a performer who was a part of the band T. Rex which was popular in the 70’s.

Yungblud’s Education

Where did he go to school?

Before he pursued his music career, Yungblud studied at Arts Educational Schools in London. He also starred in Emmerdale, which is a British soap opera that debuted in the 70’s. He was also a part of The Lodge TV series where he played the character OZ who was a singer and a temporary love interest of another character on the show. The TV series itself was also based off the Israeli drama “North Star”.

Yungblud’s home

Where does he live?

Right now Yungblud is living in Los Angeles due to the coronavirus pandemic. On his YouTube series he mentions that he was only meant to be in LA for a week to finish recording but then the travel bans were put in place.

He describes the quarantine situation as the weirdest time of his life. To keep sane he is living with two of his friends and fellow musicians where they are documenting the whole experience on his YouTube channel. The goal of the series is to keep themselves sane as well as offer a helping hand to others going through the same situation.

Yungblud’s height and weight

Yungblud posing in the parking area.

What is his height and weight?

Yungblud is 5 feet and 10 inches, which is 178 centimeters. His current weight is also 75 kilograms which is considered a healthy body mass index.

Yungblud’s fame

What is he famous for?

Yungblud is now famous for his musical career and life as a singer. Although he was an actor in his earlier life, his rise to fame in the music industry has certainly overshadowed his acting work. While he is considered a singer, Yungblud can also play several instruments including the guitar, piano, tambourine and the drums.

Yungblud’s early career

How did his career start?

The musician Yungblud has mentioned that he was always performing as a child. He was even drawn to the guitar at the age of 2, began writing his own lyrics at the age of 10 and would have little concerts for his friends and family at the age of 11. Harrison states that his musical influences include the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Cash.

When Harrison was 19, first half of 2017, he released his debut single titled “King Charles”. The song has notable comparisons to Jamie T and the Artic Monkeys. With his music video uploaded to YouTube, Tenement TV branded the song as a protest for the disenfranchised working classes. Later that year on the 15th of September he released another song titled “I Love You, Will You Marry Me”. He described the song to radio station Triple J as a comment on corporate companies trying to make money out of love. The song peak at number 26 on the Alternative Songs chart.

His last single before his first EP release was titled “Tin Pan Boy”. The single was about the construction project that was happening on the musical hot spot in England, Tin Pan Alley. There was a deal in January 2017 that would refurbish new buildings within the area.

Yungblud’s career breakthrough

What was his career breakthrough?

Yungblud performing on stage in front of a big crowd.

In January 2018 Yungblud released a self-titled EP (stylized in all-caps) which featured his previous songs; “King Charles”, “I Love You, Will You Marry Me” and “Tin Pan Boy”. In 2018 on May 10th, Yungblud announced that “Tin Pan Boy” from his EP and a new song “Falling Skies” which features Charlotte Lawrence would be on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack for Season 2. Landing on the soundtrack for a show with as much attention and watch time is what gave Yungblud his career breakthrough.

On May 18th the soundtrack was officially released to the public and on the 28th of May he released a visualizer video on YouTube. The video featured himself and Lawrence with special effects sitting on a couch. The official music video for the song was released on August 14th and was uploaded onto YouTube. From his career accelerant, Harrison went on to release his full first album titled 21st Century Liability on the 6th of July 2018. A couple of months after his debut album release he also released several acoustic versions of his songs in an album called YUNGBLUD Unplugged. He then went on to tour his debut album from the 20th of September 2018 to the 20th of April 2019 which was across Europe and the UK.

Yungblud’s continued career success

What has he done since his career breakthrough?

Since his career was only just beginning, Harrison hasn’t slowed down since his big break on appearing on the 13 Reasons Why season 2 soundtrack. After his debut album and tour, Yungblud has since released numerous new songs and has featured on many other artists’ songs including Halsey for 11 minutes and Machine Gun Kelly’s song I Think I’m OKAY. All of his produced music videos and the ones he has starred in are also all uploaded onto YouTube.

Harrison has also taken his career breakthrough opportunity to release a comic book. On the 17th of May 2019 he announced that he has been working on a comic book for over a year titled “Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club”. The comic was published by Z2 comics and the deluxe version is exclusively sold on their website while all others are available on Amazon. Harrison also went to comic con 2019 to do a Q&A panel for his newly released comic.

Yungblud’s personal life

Harrison was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age which can be seen as the inspiration for his comic book series. Not only was he a troublesome student but he was suspended from school after he was dared to “moon” his math teacher by another student.

Who is he dating?

At the moment Yungblud is currently single. He was previously dating singer Halsey before they separated in September of 2019. While they were dating they released the hit song 11 minutes together which topped the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles Billboard at number one and hit number 23 on the Australian ARIA charts.

Weeks after the Halsey and Yungblud break up, Halsey had gotten together with American Horror Story star Evan Peters. However the two broke up aerly this year which has led many people to believe that the two are back together. They have spotted in public together with Harrison also commenting suggestive things on Halsey’s social media accounts.







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