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A number of the famous musicians today got their start on YouTube. Carly Rae Jepson, Shawn Mendes, Tori Kelly and of course, Justin Bieber are examples of those leading artists. If you like discovering new musicians on video subscription and streaming services, here’s a name to remember – Shane Thompson.

Shane’s original songs and covers have amassed thousands of views. His most popular video is a cover of Chris Brown’s Don’t Judge Me. Shane’s original compositions are noted for their high energy mix of punchy, bouncy and funky pop sounds that carry his powerful, soulful voice to create breezy and eminently listenable tracks.

The singer Shane Thompson was born in Memphis, Tennesssee and subsequently moved to Mississippi, where his love and talent for music took shape. Shane is also naturally talented in basketball, and spent his high school years training to be a professional basketball player before turning his sights to a career in music.

Shane put his heart and soul into making great music, inspired by the likes of pop artists like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. He learned audio engineering to be able to record music himself, and currently operates S.A.T Studios in Pearl, MS.

Shane frequently collaborates with other artists whose sounds and vision match his own and combine to create top-class pop music. His latest song I Should’ve Done Better features fellow Mississippi artist Wyatt Roberts. Bobbing your head to its catchy rhythm and lively beats is easy. Shane’s solid pipes are on full display.

Shane Thompson music is available on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes. He also maintains Facebook and Instagram accounts. Have a listen to decide if you’d like to start following his music.







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