Tanisha Jamison’s mission to create more successful female entrepreneurs


As a successful female entrepreneur herself, Tanisha Jamison has made it her mission to spread her story and the knowledge that she has gained along the way to other women aiming to reach her level of success. With this goal in mind, she created Hood2Heights, a program designed to give advice and guide women using handy hacks for growing a business quickly and effectively. The power of other women’s stories was a crucial part of Tanisha Jamison’s success. Gaining advice for navigating the industry and being inspired to never give up is a large part of what got her to where she is today. She now aims to share her story and likewise inspire other budding entrepreneurs to create the best life for themselves, just like she did.

While self-doubt and other roadblocks were present in Tanisha’s life, they were ultimately unable to stop her and her driven attitude. Tanisha grew up in Cleveland in an area where she found progression to be difficult. She did not want to hold any regrets in her life and felt that if she remained stagnant, she would not truly be happy. At the young age of 19, she was already beginning her entrepreneurial journey, starting her own nannying business and developing a passion for childcare. By 24, business number two, an at-home day care services, was underway. By 28, another two businesses had been founded by Tanisha. Today, Tanisha is a successful entrepreneur as well as a successful educator, a motivated child advocate, an acclaimed author and a passionate traveler. She has been able to achieve her goals and create a life for herself with plenty of opportunities and with no regrets. She now wishes to extend this opportunity to others through her business Hood2Heights.

Passive income is the motivating factor for Tanisha’s approach to teaching success. Most millionaires make the majority of their money from passive income and it is also how Tanisha makes most of hers. Passive income relates to money that is earned without time being exchanged. With her available time, Tanisha dedicates herself to providing others with insight on how they can become passive income earners and advising on which channels to opt for to do so. Hood2Heights offers three essential services. The Millionaire Masterclasses are curated classes designed to educate people on the secrets to entrepreneurial success. They guide women through the basic steps that they should be taking and advise on mistakes to avoid. The one-on-one session is the second service available. This is a personal chat with Tanisha in which she can give tailored advice to you for growing your business. The third service available is Tanisha’s eBooks which are filled with valuable advice for growing a business effectively and efficiently.

Tanisha Jamison and Hood2Heights continue to build more female entrepreneurs and show them that they are not limited by the obstacles in their life. The program encourages strength and courage and fosters the qualities necessary for women to become high income earners with successful businesses.





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