Rising Musician Julia Klochkova Talks About Plans For 2022


The music industry is ambitious, and it needs a high level of commitment to stay afloat. Julia Klochkova is one of the rare artists who has shown such dedication to her trade. Her tenacity is palpable, and she has been dedicated to music while working with Inscapes Studios.

Producing hits after hits like “You really do” and “Not Funny” from her recent EP “You come to me” has been getting several optimistic responses from her followers and listeners.

The EP was inspired by Julia Klochkova’s past experiences and scenarios that evoke various feelings in one and responses to create the Lyrics.

From the Vocals to the production, Julia Klochkova has tried to astound her fans in all way possible. The high-quality music shows the pro level of an artist and songwriting skills show the Talent.

Besides, Julia Klochkova developed this obsession with her music at a very young age. She grew up listening to songs by the band “Take that” and genres like Pop and R&B.

Not only that, She doesn’t sound like anybody else, which is a rare thing in a crowded industry where many artists tend to sound the same.

“You come to me” brings fresh air to the musical landscape and proves that creative artists still exist. Julia Klochkova’s limitless inspiration will bring her to the highest level.

Julia Klochkova expressed herself through her music. Being able to relate with the listeners is very essential for an artist. A part of her life is expressed to us through her music which is pleasing to the ear.

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