Argentinian Bred Artist The Gabe Concept Doesn’t Hold Back Creatively


Our finest find of the day is The Gabe concept, a new artist, and we’re not sure how we didn’t hear about him before. The EDM artist has been developing his distinct sound and aesthetic identity to get a pleasing result.

We have seen that EDM or Electronic Dance Music has been governing the Industry excessively in this generation. And in this genre, many artists have been ruling and The Gabe concept can be one of the EDM stars shortly.

The Gabe Concept was fascinated by Electronic Music. He learned Production while he was only thirteen years old and it was ascertained that he wanted to pursue music to make a living.

This Argentina bred artist has delivered many profound projects like “Tulum”, “Nightfall” and his recent release “Experience” gaining him more than 21K monthly listeners on the well-known streaming platform, Spotify. The artist has produced many remarkable works but “Punta del Este”, or “delta Buenos aires” is the two projects of the many which he enjoyed making them.

He believes that Passion for Music can help Upcoming musical artists to reach the peak of success. Besides, a musician The Gabe Project is also a pilot and in his free time he loves to fly, his second interest is coding which makes him a multitalented person.

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