Cat Calebrese Is Taking 2022 On With a New Found Confidence


Cat Calabrese is an artist and songwriter who has built a solid following with her pure and spontaneous blend of various musical styles. More importantly, her honest and direct lyrics connect with the audience more personally. As an artist, she always thinks about her personal experiences so that her songs are straightforward for others to connect with and serve as a form of therapy for Cat herself. On Spotify alone, she has earned tens of thousands of streams in less than a year since she decided to become a recording artist in 2020. As we all know, this is a challenging moment in time for musical artists. The coronavirus pandemic forced many musicians to stop doing whatever they were doing, including tours, performances and recording sessions. However, music is not just a business, and it is not just about entertainment; this is why Cat got her start in music.

This time Cat Calabrese, got out of a terrible relationship, which was abusive and toxic in so many ways. Making music was a fantastic way for Cat to express what she was feeling at the time and even find the strength to move on. Songwriting helped her channel her pain into something positive and constructive. Pain can quickly bring you down and make you feel motionless and depressed if you do not manage it. However, if you know how to get the most from your pain, you can turn all of that energy into something memorable and even useful and bright. By allowing her pain to inspire her creativity, Cat was able to heal herself and others through her music.

Speaking of which, her songs are catchy and easy to relate to, but also spontaneous and direct, going for an impressive and one-of-a-kind feel. This has been a busy time for the artist, who is ready to impress new people with more and more music. Her fifth studio single, “Psycho Therapy,” stands out as a perfect taste of Cat and her work, highlighting her creative direction and ability to produce great music that blurs the lines between genres and defies the usual expectations of people when it comes to categories.

In addition to that, the song is a direct reference to what Cat experienced with her previous relationship and a way to look back on how life is so different now after finally realizing that true healing starts from within. Musically,” Psycho Therapy” feels like freedom, as the arrangement showcases a wide range of influences, almost like different colours on a canvas bringing more depth to the artist’s creative vision as a whole.

Cat Calabrese - music artist

While this song is excellent, it is not the only great track that Cat brought into the world. Her recent single “Hyde,” which sits at about 15.000 streams, is another fantastic example of her artistry and creativity. The song has a different spin, veering towards the world of modern electronic sounds and featuring a juicy collaboration with the artist L8niteSasuke. The trap-inspired drum beat is super-powerful, and the song is an excellent representation of another side to Cat’s artistry and a great taste of how far she can stretch out her creative genius. This song was a truly fantastic way for Cat to let the curtains fall on 2021 and tip the hat off to a very promising 2022!

If her previous music is any indication, we are certainly in for something quite special with this one, as Cat shows no sign of slowing down! Even though many things have changed, and she has encountered a lot of success since her early days in the music industry, Cat has not altered her original goal. She wants to make music that inspires people and helps them with positive energy and healing power.

If you are a fan of seminal artists like Halsey, Dua Lipa, and Miley Cyrus, you should give Cat’s music a go because it might be right up your alley!

Find out more about Cat, and check out “PsychoTherapy”. The project is now available on the best music streaming services on the web:





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