What does entrepreneur mean? From the words of Amir Mohsen Moradian:

The word entrepreneur is derived from the word Entrepreneur (meaning to commit), which originally came from French to other languages. The English used three terms with the names of adventurer, undertaker and employer about the workaholic. According to them, the definition of an entrepreneur means someone who undertakes to organize, manage and bear the risks of an economic activity.

But who are called entrepreneurs? In answer to this question, I must say that an entrepreneur is someone who has a special innovation. This innovation can be in providing a new product, providing a new service, designing a new process, or innovation in customer satisfaction, etc.

Entrepreneurs actually look at change as a defining category, they change values ​​and transform their nature. They use their risk-taking power to realize this idea. They make the right decision and therefore anyone who makes the right decision is considered as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur always knows some tips about financial management and tries to improve his knowledge in this field by studying accounting.





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