Explanations about pop music from the words of Amin RZ:

Pop music is a type of music that started in the 50s and what is included in this collection usually appeals to a large group of people.

Pop music, although it is completely different from classical music, art music or folk music, but since the term pop includes many pieces of rock music, hip hop, country and rock opera, we can say that Pop music does not have a precise definition.

The pop style, which is also known as pop music, is in fact one of the most popular and popular music in the second half of the 20th century, which was inspired by the blues and other music from the Anglo-Saxon countries.

The passage of time spread around the world.

Depending on what kind of song, rhythm and style of singing the singer makes his career, he can use different musical instruments for his work.

But in general, in this style of music, instruments such as piano, drums, violin, keyboard, guitar, etc. are used abundantly, and all these pop music instruments can easily play any song from sad to happy, which is with moods.

People are compatible, play.





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