3 of the Best Spots in Africa


Most of the things we know about Africa is what has been told to us in The Lion King. Africa a wonderful place filled with the utmost incredible natural sights and wildlife. Despite this knowledge, there is so much we don’t know about this big continent. There is so much landmarks to see, and we will uncover it.

All around the continent there is a variety in the type of natural landmarks that are out there ranging from deserts, beaches, all the way to its woodlands. In this article, we will be taking a deep exploration into the best spots to visit in Africa.

Here are the three best spots to visit in Africa 



This city is also referred to the city of gold – and for a good reason. AIt’s known for its insurmountable amount of gold found in the region. It is the main city of South Africa with its incredible history of people including Nelson Mandela to Gandhi visiting the place. One place to note is the Apartheid Museum, calling out the importance of human rights and equality. This is a place that is set on having its people feel just at home, getting past its history. This is place that continues to make history today, letting you be a part of it.



Mauritius is your dream island away from home. It’s beautiful beaches, picturesque water and scenery makes it a stunning sight. Move over Hawaii and Fiji – there’s a new sheriff in town. From the beaches, islands, sand dunes, gardens, right down to its rainforest – it nature’s delight.

Basque in the sun and take a deep dive into one of the world’s best beach sights. You can sip your pina colada, knowing everything is at piece as you take a look at the glistening ocean.



We’ve seen Madagascar in the movies, but it’s probably a hundred times better in real life. This place is perfect for a scenic walk in nature. It has thousands of different park reserves, breathing life into the amazing spot we have here. This is a spot that cannot compare to anything you have ever see before.

It is promised that you will feel like you are on an island of heaven just by taking in all the beautiful sights. You will get to tick this country off your bucket list, making you a well-travelled sight seer.

Africa is a place filled with many different sights to see. From the island of Madagascar, the tropics of Mauritius and the city of Johannesburg, there is so much beauty out there. Move over Europe – there is a new travel destination in town.

Ranging from its forests, its deserts, right down to its beaches there is a wide variety of areas you can add to your bucket list. Here’s a journey that is unexpected but oh so wonderful if you ever have the chance to go. Africa is not like any other place you’ve been to before.







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