Farren Morgan Taking The World By Storm with Tactical Fitness Style


Farren Morgan, Tactical Fitness is an advanced military physical training style practiced by experienced service members serving in the units of special forces such as the Military, Police, and Firefighters.

This form of Fitness focuses on the entirety of one’s physique with a specialisation on developing their strength, power, mobility, flexibility, cardiorespiratory and anaerobic endurance.

One of the pioneers bringing this form of advanced fitness to both civilians and service members alike is Farren Morgan Coaching, a fitness training business that provides one-on-one, group and virtual training sessions, custom engineered training programmes, and an ethos on strengthening, educating, inspiring and establishing Tactical Athletes all over the world.

The founder, Farren Morgan, is a serving member of the British Military with over six years of experience. Through his will power and unending determination he rose to the rank of Lance Sergeant, Section Commander and Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for the Coldstream Guards in Westminster, London.

Through his vast first-hand experience in Fitness and the Military, Farren acquired his specialty of molding ordinary people into profound soldiers then expanded through Farren Morgan Coaching to train athletes, and establish all-rounded Tactical Athletes across the globe.

Following the successful establishment of his coaching business, Farren is now looking to expand the reach of his clientele to all corners of the world by cultivating 20,000 tactical athletes based in six of the worlds’ seven continents.

With a phenomenal start even through the uncertainty caused by the covid pandemic, Farren Morgan Coaching strides ahead through the consistent release of new training programmes, merchandise, and through Farren’s active social media engagement where he continues to make an impact and inform people that it’s never too late to lead a happier, healthier life with Fitness by their side.





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