Saving Money With The igroup CAMS & Steve Rastall


The igroup CAMS system is tailormade for companies making the switch from local to cloud infrastructures and are looking to cut costs and save themselves headaches. The CloudOps Active Management Solution is the brainchild of managing director Steve Rastall, and a collation of his teams consorted efforts in cloud management and infrastructural optimization.

The mass migration to cloud infrastructures is inevitable for companies to maintain relevance and efficiency in the modern era – the downside is that there are very few in-house experts being employed with cloud management experience and knowhow to effectively manage the infrastructures optimally. This is where Steve Rastall and his team of experts come into play and where they’ve set themselves up to be industry leaders for the future of cloud infrastructures and management services.

The igroup CloudOps Active Management Solution is quite simply the best CMS (cloud management system) on the market. It’s built on foundational principles that stemmed from the common issues and problems that igroup have been dealing with for clients throughout their tenure. CAMS is the natural result of dedicated work and experience with management and optimization of cloud infrastructures.

How CAMS Saves Money

Cost optimization is one of the key components of the igroup CAMS system – with constant monitoring and automated execution of algorithms that maintain processes that are relevant and pause/cut assets that are not relevant or necessary for the client.

One of the prevailing issues that Steve Rastall and the igroup team found with existing clients was a lack of understanding from companies regarding the assets that were necessary and being charged by their existing providers. With CAMS, companies are able to enjoy the savings while not losing any important functionality for their business.

How CAMS Saves Headaches

Cloud infrastructure can be a complicated animal to navigate for companies that are used to an established system. With igroup CAMS, IT departments will be able to understand and control their infrastructures a lot better – while also providing insights for managers to understand where issues are popping up and how best to rectify them.

It is not a replacement for staff, it is merely a tool that will allow companies to expand and understand their cloud. The simple UI that offers live monitoring and updates also gives peace of mind for those who worry about cyberattacks or security weaknesses – with CAMS, there is always someone watching the integrity of an infrastructure.

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