Nigerian-American Rapper TRAPAFARA – His Background &, Inspirations


Chinedu Moses Chukwunta, better known by his artist name TRAPAFARA, is a Nigerian-American solo-artist, record producer, and philanthropist. Originally starting his career in music as an executive at Young Money Records Nig., TRAPAFARA has branched out to release his own music and make an impact on the scene.

Below, he answered some questions.

What made you want to become a professional rapper?

Rapping is fun, music to me is fun, and the ability to say whatever is Rap music. At first, it feels good putting all the frustration out on the mic, but then I realize I can quit my day job and still remain afloat. Looking back, I have never seen music to be an occupation as I came in the game fully loaded. To me, music is anger management and an avenue to speak publicly without really talking to anyone.

What are the things that inspire your music?

Inspiration to me is everyday life, I live and learn, so music for me will always be for fun and the love for percussions and creating new art from my feelings

Do you have a process you follow for writing a track?

When writing my music, everything comes into play. It might be something I overheard or just a good rhythm I woke up with. I create my music chorus first, then I either produce or collaborate with a producer to make the perfect instrumental.

How would you describe your style of rap?

My music is unique and can be categorized into different genre and styles. I am fully head-on with rap music, but yet again, I stay attached to the Afro-culture with a little pinch of Reggae.

Why did you re-brand to TRAPAFARA?

I decided to switch it up as the name De Boss is being impersonated by various musicians trying to release false music and pretending to be me. TRAPAFARA is the rebirth of Chinedu Moses Chukwunta, and it’s fully trademarked.

Are you working on any new music at the moment?

I am currently working on my second studio album “GENESIS” my first official album The Scrutiny was released under my former artist name De Boss in June 2017, which features prominent rappers from G-Unit, Rugged Records and Ghana reggae-dancehall artist Samini.

Thank you for your time TRAPAFARA !

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