Yolo Breezy Talks Latest Single and Finding His Spark


Yolo Breezy is back with his anticipated release setting him up for a fast-paced road to significant growth this year, “Temptations.” This melodic track features an emotional vocal top-line followed by a hypnotic beat that will carry you off into the moonlit night.

The booming kick drum sets the pace as the light production effects take the listener into the ambient yet steady vibe. Upfront vocals carry the song on a meandering path of goodness. The track slowly tapers off before building back into a massive drop that propels the track toward its climax. We suddenly have a modern track with a booming kick drum that retains his energy throughout.

Catchy melodies and unwavering groove find symbiotic harmony on a track whose wisdom is just as palpable as it is understated. Though “Temptations” is one of the most energetic tracks from Yolo Breezy to date, his near-universal affinity for admired songwriting isn’t lost as he widens his scope and hones his sound. With more music slated for the near future as spring turns to summer, Yolo Breezy is an artist that needs to stay on your radar.


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