Low Tier God Grew His Channel into the Success That It is Today


With over 100,000 subscribers as of 2022, Low Tier God has become a well-loved YouTube channel. The man behind it is Dalauan Sparrow, a Californian gaming enthusiast with a passion for authenticity in entertainment. Although his journey has been long and challenging at times, Sparrow has finally reached a point where he is confident in who he is and where he can explore his creativity through a range of different passions.

The story of Dalauan Sparrow’s success begins more than 10 years ago back in 2011. Still a young man trying to figure out his life path, Sparrow turned to YouTube for comfort. He would spend each day watching many videos and was deeply inspired by the authenticity of creators on the platform. He soon decided to try creating videos of his own. He combined his passion for gaming with his passion for entertainment and his gaming channel Low Tier God was born.

Low Tier God started as a channel for Street Fighter and other fighting game videos. While this attracted an initial audience, Dalauan Sparrow soon decided to branch out a bit in order to attract a wider demographic. He soon began posting videos playing other genres of games. This then developed into posting reaction videos to trending topics or activities. Through the growth of his channel, Dalauan Sparrow had found a way to fully express himself and explore his individuality.

Dalauan Sparrow’s business endeavors did not stop with his YouTube channel, however. Determined to explore all of his passions and to inspire others to do the same, Sparrow also opened his very own clothing brand ‘The Covenant’. The brand started off selling gaming related merchandise but has since branched into a more general fashion brand. Dalauan Sparrow’s unique influence is still evident in the designs, however. He has always been interested in fashion and uses his brand to further connect his community and help them feel encouraged to express themselves as he has been able to.

Although he never reveals exactly what he has coming next, Dalauan Sparrow is sure to always have something new and exciting on the horizon. His fanbase continues to grow in size with each new avenue that he explores. Each and everyday he blossoms into someone who is more and more confident in their individuality. His journey has inspired many others to also find security in their personality and this has become his fundamental goal with every endeavour that he embarks on. Low Tier God is sure to become one of the top channels on YouTube thanks to the engaging and diverse content that Dalauan Sparrow continues to produce.

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