Dr.Mohammad Al-Kermani : Gaining Weight

Just like being overweight, most people are obsessed with being underweight. By delivering lectures on healthy diets and fit bodies through “drkermanidiet” Dr.Mohammad Al-Kermani indicates that people who struggle with being skinny and tend to buff their bodies up should be conscious of the risks that arise from inappropriate diets because it is likely to have fatal consequences related to their cardiovascular health.

Dr. Kermani points out that weight lifting intends not to increase blood lipids but to grow muscle mass. People can make bulk muscles through a diet that facilitates the growth of muscle tissue—diets with rich protein, a careful intake of legal fats and vegetables combined with proper exercise. Dr.Mohammad Kermani also suggests consuming nutritious snacks such as dried fruits and nuts.

Increasing weight is not a big deal; however, it becomes satisfying if gaining weight is followed in a healthy way. In this case, the muscles are improved by considering a nutritional program, by avoiding unhealthy and nutrient-poor foods that damage the human body and gradually threaten your health.





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