Nancy Mello, psychic medium and clairvoyant who defies the stereotypes


In any kind of role, from plumbers to pilots, there are going to be stereotypes about who they are. Often influenced by pop culture, these stereotypes are usually harmless, but in some cases, they can give the wrong impression the nature of the work being done.

Nancy Mello is a Connecticut based psychic medium and clairvoyant who actively defies the stereotypical mysticism associated with her work. In truth, Nancy is like any other suburban American mother as she cares for her 2 children and her pets with her husband, who is in the U.S. Navy.

Nancy doesn’t ask her clients to meet her in a tent or peer into a crystal ball – she works holistically in communicating with deceased pets and loved ones. Her past clients have cited her work as extraordinarily insightful and compassionate, there are no gimmicks here – only sincere readings that help to bring closure.

In fact, Nancy has used her abilities to communicate with and help determine the location of lost pets. She is also very active on social media, where she performs live readings and even gives advice to other developing psychics and clairvoyants.

Contrary to popular belief, Nancy is not always “switched on” and reading everyone’s minds. Her abilities are something that she taps into at the appropriate time to achieve a specific goal, whether that be to help find a lost pet or provide closure with a dead relative.

Because of the nature of her work, Nancy deals with a lot of skepticism and even hatred from some religious circles. Despite this, Nancy remains focused on what she knows and loves, rather than being caught up in responding to negativity.

No matter what you believe about her abilities, Nancy’s strength and determination is something to be admired.





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