Mehrab Naabi Types of hip hop styles:

The term hip-hop was first coined by Robert Keith Wiggins, a member of the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, who used the word “hip / hop / hip / hop” to shake hands with a friend who had just joined the US Army.

Rhythmically similar to military march music.

He later used hip hop on stage and during performances.

At first, the use of the words hip hop or hip hoppers was considered disrespectful, but over time and its popularity became a culture and genre of music.

Recorded in 1979, it was the first song to use hip hop, “I said a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip hip hop, and you do not stop.”

Although this was not the first rap song, In the world of music, it is generally referred to as the first rap song.

Hip hop has developed as a style of music as well as a social culture since the 1970s, during which time block parties or street parties were rampant in New York neighborhoods, especially among African Americans and young people from the Bronx.

But at least until 1979, hip-hop works as a genre of music were not officially recorded for radio or television.

This can be attributed to the cultural poverty of hip hop and its unacceptability to other cities and neighborhoods.





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