How California Sensation Cali Dubb Deals With Adversity [Exclusive]


As it is with a butterfly, adversity is necessary to build your character. As we progress in our various life endeavors, we experience challenges that rock our existence. We are pushed to the wall, often placed in situations that compel us to doubt our capabilities. Cali Dubb believes that from broken hearts to failure, all are tests that assess how well we deal with adversity and doubt. Cali Dubb who’s a renowned songwriter and artist says that we can set measures to protect ourselves from such predicaments.

He is a rapper who uses different life experiences to enrich the content of lyrics in his songs. Cali Dubb has performed in different places and uses his authentic appeal as a tool to attract audiences from all age groups. Over the years, he has countered personal challenges that almost sidetracked him from realizing his dreams. He says that there is no better sparring partner than adversity and self-doubt.

When most of us encounter any form of struggle and harmful emotions, we tend to coil back to a safe cocoon that protects us from judgment or ridicule from others. The belief is that detaching from our social life is possibly a way of sorting a solution to address a problem. Cali Dubb is against this approach and insists that adversity is best countered by being courageous. Take time to realize the reality of the situation, then calm down. Cali Dubb usually takes a short break from everything he does, and engages in meditation or exercising as a means of calibrating his existence.

However, he warns that people should not take a long time immersed in this heavenly peace. Instead, they should begin to come up with strategies that will enable them to accomplish their goals. Aside from this, Cali Dubb believes that words of affirmations go a long way to self-motivate a person during instances of adversity and self-doubt. It is all about focusing on the process and positive aspects that give them a reason to be creative. An artist has to work on their flaws through the process of problem-solving, systematically.

When everything fails, talk about it with a close friend, family member or mentor. Cali Dubb knows too well that the dark place of self-doubt is isolating and scary. It is easy to feel inadequate and incapable, which can further aggravate the psychological tension that an individual is experiencing. Speak to a person who will not judge or criticize you but give you hope for a better tomorrow. Inevitably, you will realize that you are not alone- advice can shift your negative thoughts to head towards a more positive direction.

Cali Dubb does his best to iron out all his quirks, doubts and perceived flaws. These are things that can help him find inner strength, compassion and empathy for others. Be like a seed that does not doubt its potential- it rises to become a forest!





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