Music is pleasing to all living creatures. mohammad zeinali

A brief look at the song “love” by “Dadmehr”, a young and talented Iranian singer.

The Beautiful and calming music has a wonderful and even healing effect on the human mind and soul.

This music has a strategic effect on the mind and calms the soul and even causes joy or sweet sorrows.

This exactly happens to animals too.

You may have experienced that when you’re listening to a piece of hard rock music, your cat leaves the room or calms down with a soothing piece of song.

If the animals like the music, they approach the music source to enjoy more and calm themselves.

Music can even cure animal pain and illness.

Besides, if you play nice music for chickens, their body starts some events which occur to them to lay larger eggs and improve the spawning process of this animal.

In addition, scientists have discovered that the same thing happens to plant.

There is a hypothesis that if you play music for flowers and plants, they will grow better and stay fresher.

There can be a reasoning for this Phenomenon; as humans, plants, and animals are part of the same creation and have the same creator, we may react the same to some stimuli.

For example, listening to a song such as “Love” by “Dadmehr”, a euphonious Iranian artist, which as well as creating a romantic and pleasant atmosphere,

has also a kind of inspiring content that changes your mood and creates positive thoughts for your mind.

Dadmehr (the singer of this work) is a good musician artist and a young inventor too,

who has succeeded not only in the field of electronic sciences,

which is one of his principal specialties, but also he equally has tremendous achievements in the fields of astronomy, psychology, management,

and business in addition to singing.

He has a‏ history of registering over 15 inventions and achieving success at many domestic and international scientific festivals.

Besides, he is the one who has been able to create remarkable works with his very fluent and fascinating pen and writing down perfect books.

The music is a pleasant sound that affects everything.

In nature, all divine creatures have some kind of music.

The flow of water on the river, the sea, and the sound of birdsong all have a calming sound.

So moreover than their sound and certain music, they are also influenced by other melodies.

Overall, music has the potential to decrease indicators of stress such as heart rate and blood pressure in some animal species, as it can in humans.

But exposure to music seems to increase stress in some situations, so it should not be assumed that playing any type of music for all species will have a calming effect.





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