Saltalk & The Inspiration Of Pursuing A Dream



Saltalk is the true definition of pursuing a dream and reinventing an entirely new perception on an existing marketplace. Where the notion of ordering food is quite common, Saltalk differentiates itself from the pack by incubating chefs that craft dishes to reflect the origins of their own experiences.

Bringing the authenticity of homegrown cooking into the wild world of a professional kitchen is an exciting prospect, and one that has been the passion project of founder Fred Ming since the idea occurred to him from a harmless dinner with his wife in Silicon Valley in 2013.

The Dinner In Silicon Valley

Mr. Ming and his wife had just sat down for dinner one fateful evening at one of the premier Chinese restaurants in Silicon Valley in 2013. As the stir-fried pork they ordered made its way to the table Mrs. Ming broke down into tears, homesick and reminiscing about her favorite dish from her home that her order had brought memories of.

While it hadn’t formulated quite so clearly at that point, Mr. Ming was determined to find a way in which he could bring the tastes of home to his wife, a kitchen that could be a comforting thought for those who feel homesick.

Chasing The Dream

He woke up one night startled, a dream had inspired an imaginative ride in Mr. Ming’s mind, his adulation and desire to cure his wife’s homesickness manifested itself and he wrote down the first notes on what was to become, Saltalk.

Saltalk was to be a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. One where he would support the finest chefs from around the world to one place where they could bring the authenticity and homegrown comfort to businesses that would give even the weariest travelers a slice of calm.

Chasing & Working

Had it not been for that fateful evening in 2013, Saltalk would likely not be here today. It came down to the inspiration of creation as Mr. Fred Ming had, and following through with hard work and unwavering passion to deliver Saltalk. Silicon Valley seemed to be the perfect place for such innovation and inspiration, and since opening their doors in 2018, Saltalk is now expanding and growing with every passing year.

It goes to show, that inspiration, passion, and a fresh idea can craft an entirely new venture.





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