Tekashi 6ix9ine sentenced to two years in prison, gets out in late 2020


Judge Paul Engelmayer just gave Tekashi 6ix9ine the deal of the century, a two-year sentence that will allow him to be free by late next year.

The rapper had already served thirteen months of the now disclosed span of his imprisonment, but once he walks, the sentencing made clear that he will be supervised for five years and will require to do 300 hours of community service on top of a $35 thousand penalty.

The rapper wore a poker face when his sentence was announced, disappointing the people at sportsbetting.ag where they assumed that the rapper will cry about his sentence once it is read to him. The oddsmakers even said that the rapper will not even walk free next year which just makes things hilarious for non-gamblers.

Engelmayer listed down reasons why Tekashi should serve more time before handing out his sentence. Engelmayer stated that even if the rapper wholeheartedly cooperated with them, his demeanor will still come out eventually.

The judge also disclosed that federal authorities met with the rapper 26 times and said that Tekashi was responsible even if he was not the one who executed the shootings and rebuking that the rapper was just passive bystander. Engelmayer didn’t cut Takeshi short though, as he said that the rapper did help the prosecutors in a big way but his character is too selfish and volatile for his 13 months fair.

Tekashi aided the prosecutors in catching and convicting Aljermiah Mack and Anthony Ellison, two members of the Nine Try Bloods. 6ix9ine was convicted last year for using an underage person in an explicit music video and got involved in the Nine Trey Bloods while he was on probation that landed him initially to be sentenced at least 47 years in prison before he decided to snitch on his former gang. The rapper pled guilty January of this year.

Other violations the rapper made were racketeering, narcotics trafficking, and conspiracy. The conspiracy being implying numerous acts of violence and extortion, one of which was a TMZ video of Tekashi offering anybody $30 thousand to kill the cousin of Chief Keef.

TMZ Live featured Sara Molina, the rapper’s baby mama and she said that Tekashi will still remain the same person because according to her there was no way that this distressing situation would change him into a better person. Molina also revealed that Tekashi attempted to use their daughter as a prop which she said she did not allow.





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