Singer-Songwriter Sayonne’s Legacy Only Continues to Grow


Sayonne is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose popularity is growing at an astounding rate. The wide range of music she releases means that there is something for absolutely everyone in her catalogue.

Whether you like emotional RnB songs, smooth and relaxing vibes, or upbeat dance songs, Sayonne has something for you. Her latest release, “Hot Sauce” is a fun and energetic single that is taking the world by storm. With plenty more music planned for the future, Sayonne is definitely one to watch.

Sayonne - music singer

Hi Sayonne, can you begin by telling us a bit about yourself?

My name is SAYONNE (pronounced: SIGH-ON) I am a singer-songwriter, actress, radio co-host and record label CEO. I have worked my way through the music and entertainment industries, landing a successful 2019 hit, “2 Worlds (Remember)”. I am known by many for my energy, R&B/Pop vocal style and amazing work ethic. I am many things, “an innovator, edgy, classic, fashion forward with an extraordinary stage presence that will leave you thirsting for more.”

Has becoming a singer-songwriter always been the goal for you?

Becoming a singer-songwriter has always been a dream of mine. As a youngster, I used to listen to records of all the greats and use mirrors in my childhood house to do the typical performance into a comb or whatever household item I could find. My paternal grandfather was a well-known musician and band leader in Trinidad. I never met him, but I would see all his pictures in the family album. Newspaper snippets, his old compositions that were never published, his pictures performing with his band, playing his many instruments. I felt a connection to those memories and wanted to draw a closer connection to my genetic family music history. That’s the very reason why I ventured out of just singing and added instrumentation to my focus. I picked up piano, alto saxophone, ukulele, guitar, and the list keeps growing. Each instrument serves a different purpose for me. I mostly use the piano to create of skeleton of songs that I’m in the process of writing. I mostly play the saxophone when I want to work on my breathing and strengthen my diaphragm. The others are just for the pure joy of learning new instruments.

How did you get your start in the music industry?

I got started in the music industry like almost everyone else. I began singing in my childhood church and later transitioned into singing on concert and theatrical stages. My parents have been the foundation to my entire career and I’m beyond grateful for their consistent support. Without their support I would not have been able to enter the music industry or accomplish my small but mighty career glories. My parents’ support gave me the greenlight to go to college, work, book regional, international, state-wide shows, study and graduate with a B.A in Fine Arts. They poured a lot into my talents and because of that I was equipped to release everything into my many theatrical works [Sister Act: The Musical, Dreamgirls: The Musical, Little Shop of Horrors, Etc.]. As a young child I was fascinated by singing, dancing and acting. I was very shy, and still am today, but when I sing, I feel the most alive and free. Singing gave me confidence and to this day it gives me a voice of hope.

How would you describe the music you make?

I would describe the music I make as fun, joyful, edgy, comforting and loveable. My music has many levels. I have songs where I’m extremely emotional and lyrically venting about my life experiences. Other songs are melo-chill vibes, it makes you want to kick off your shoes and relax your feet. Then we get to the more upbeat songs, the fusion songs, the songs that make you want to dance, some of it is inspired by my Caribbean heritage [Trinidad & Tobago]. It’s all an emotional rollercoaster, thought-provoking, wild like the wind yet subtle like falling leaves.

What is your typical process when writing a song?

My typical process when writing songs is pretty loose. I draw inspiration from so many places and that inspiration generally impacts my song writing.  When writing songs, I always pull from my current state of living and experiences. Whether life is up, down, stagnant or just continuously spiralling, I use all of those factors as the perfect formula to create my authentic music and sound. If it’s a dance record I usually just go off my day-to-day vibes, or a catchy phrase from modern day lingo. For the more R&B songs it’s complicated. It’s sometimes easier to write when I’ve experienced great loss, emotional pain from a breakup or fizzling out friendships. Those things tend to leave an imprint on the mind, soul and heart. With that lingering feeling and constant moment of reflections come many song lyrics.

Congratulations on the release of your new song Hot Sauce! Can you tell us about the song?

One of my latest single releases is called, HOT SAUCE! Hot Sauce is a fun, edgy, classy song that makes babies all the way to grannies get up and dance for joy. It’s truly a feel-good song. I had so much fun creating the song with my collaborators, recording the song and of course shooting the music video. My song, Hot Sauce is my new anthem for life. I released Hot Sauce at the height of this pandemic and it really brought some light, some fun and other great emotions into the homes of music lovers and listeners. Hot Sauce is not just the typical dance record that has the great beat in the back with limited vocals. You can find everything special in my song, Hot Sauce. It has great lyrics that are basically affirmations of self-love and building up one’s confidence, great instrumentation that makes it irresistible for your feet and body to stop dancing, and of course me, Sayonne [Sigh-On] giving all my personality, heart and talent.

What was it like shooting the music video?

Compared to my previous music videos, shooting the music video for my song Hot Sauce was a major adjustment. It was an epic experiment learning to adjust the filming of a music video in the height of the pandemic. There were so many precautions we had to take to make sure myself, the production team, crew, and hired talents were safe. We had to abide by the CDC covid restrictions and regulations. For this music video it was really crunch time to learn and film. Out of all my music videos this one was the quickest turn around. The time span was extremely short due to covid restrictions.  Despite the adjustments it was pretty fun and exciting to dance and create yet another musical moment, one that I can add to my growing legacy.

Do you have anything else on the horizon that we can look forward to?

I have some great things sitting above the horizon ready to release like rain. I’ve been building my music catalogue for some time now and I’m happy to say that new music is on the way. Please check in with me on my website to see all the wonderful projects I’m involved with and of course tap in with me on all social media platforms [Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @iamsayonne] for daily updates on my career, music and life. I enjoy releasing covers, music videos and sharing a bit more behind the scenes of those music videos on my YouTube channel too. I encourage all who love my work to check out my latest YouTube videos and subscribe to my channel @Sayonne. Patience is key and like I stated earlier, new music is on the horizon so stay tuned for the upcoming music magic releases.

Thank you Sayonne for your time!

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